If one compares a prefabricated timber frame house to houses of other type within such qualities as heat insulation, construction speed, variety of options for interior and exterior decoration, and, most importantly of course, the construction costs, then prefabricated timber frame type houses are no. 1 in any of those qualities.

Most distinct advantages, when choosing a prefabricated timber frame house

  • Lower construction costs. The construction costs of a prefabricated timber frame house are incredibly low, if one compares them to other building approaches and technologies. If building a timber frame house, you will save construction materials, time and labour. As well as you will reach higher floor space efficiency per square meter, than for a brick or concrete building.
  • Minimum maintenance costs. The maintenance of a prefabricated timber frame house is considerably cheaper, thanks to well-developed heat insulation. A house of this type will provide a warm and cosy microclimate during the winter months at minimum heating cost. The heat insulation degree of a 20 cm thick timber frame house wall corresponds to a half a meter thick concrete block wall. Especially due to its efficient heat insulation, timber frame houses are deemed to be environmentally friendly as they require lower amount of natural resources to be consumed to supply heating.
  • Unlimited construction solutions. The prefabricated timber frame house technology enables to satisfy any architectural requirements. Our company is fully capable of executing any timber frame house project. As well as the exterior decoration is entirely dependent on customer’s taste and financial capacity. A timber frame house with fully decorated exterior can be made to look both as timber or a brick house.
  • Time efficient construction. The construction technology of prefabricated timber frame houses allows to fully complete a house for habitation within three months for the moment of construction initiation.
  • The construction of a prefabricated timber frame house can be carried out during any season, including winter. Unbelievable, but again this is achieved by employing the timber frame house building technology
  • Lightness. The weight of a prefabricated timber frame house is considerably light and therefore it does not subside as opposed to a concrete, block or a brick house. Thus the exterior decoration can be carried out right after the completion of construction as well as it is habitable the very moment.
  • Foundations’ construction. Due to the light weight of a prefabricated timber frame house, it does not require excessive foundations. Thus the construction time is shortened, and one will save considerably on materials, transport and construction.
  • Durability. Timber frame houses are exceptionally suited for seismically active regions due to its durability and light weight and as stated before it does not require monolith and excessive foundations. The durability of a prefabricated timber frame house plays an important role in its longevity.
  • Longevity. The life time of a prefabricated timber frame house will last for more than a century, thanks to its specific developments and carefully sealed frame. Thus you are building a house not only for yourselves but also for the coming generations of your family. The longevity is provided by our extensive experience and usage of refined technologies, which stems well in the past from such countries as Scandinavia, Japan, USA and Canada. The ancestors of today’s timber frame houses can be found in Germany, which are more than 800 years old.
  • Environmental friendliness. The materials that are used in the construction of prefabricated timber frame houses are environmentally friendly. The timber frame house frame is applied with a solution that protects it from moisture, rotting and burning. As well as mentioned before, the maintenance of the house requires minimum resource consumption.

Should you find out more about prefabricated timber frame houses with regarding to the construction of your new dwelling, do not hesitate to contact us, as we will be able to answer all your questions.