„VIT BŪVE” Ltd. increasingly focussing on customer convenience offers a c constructions in Latvia and abroad. Upon request the company can provide any kind of finishing works and services, whereas construction of engineering communications is performed involving highly professional and – if necessary – licensed partners.

In the field of construction the core service of „VIT BŪVE” Ltd. is assembly of the company’s prefabricated timber frame panel houses (element houses) at construction site. The assembly of the supplied floor, wall, covering and roof panels and elements is followed by the interior and exterior finishing works, as well as installation of inner and outer engineering communications if the customer commissions us with these works. „VIT BŪVE” Ltd. offers an option to acquire services that are necessary for each individual client and comply with their planned  budget – from a prefabricated timber frame house kit to a finished home.

During the years in operation „VIT BŪVE” Ltd. has performed the construction of more than 300 prefab homes not only in Latvia but also in Sweden, Norway, Iceland, Netherlands, France, Belgium, Italy, Corsica, Luxembourg, Germany, Switzerland and Spain.

Timber frame house manufacturing and construction company vit būve Latvia