Manufacturing of Timber frame panel houses

Sizeable advantage of VIT BŪVE Ltd. is the spacious company-owned factory accommodated for the production process of timber frame panel constructions, allowing to guarantee high product quality, as well as to offer competitive prices and production volumes. The company experience accumulated over the years and the elaborate production technology allows to accomplish any panel technical solution without significant limitation.



vitbuve-factoryVIT BŪVE Ltd. production facilities of 3000m2 with its adjacent closed territory of 1.5ha are located in Limbažu rural municipality. 







Currently the company’s production capacity is 20000m2 of living space per year, but the production plant is constantly being developed and improved, while the production volumes keep increasing from year to year by the growing demand. The existing machinery and equipment enables manufacturing of 12m long panels.





Certified raw materials complying with quality standards from experienced and verified suppliers are used.






Another important advantage is the convenient and well planned loading of the finished products on factory site. The operational arrangements of VIT BŪVE Ltd. allow to adjust for execution of a large variety of orders quickly and easily.